Ed Fornieles
Dale Lewis

Exhibition Dates    March 8th onwards

Location Lobby of 1500 Broadway, Times Square, 10036      

Ed Fornieles   Dunop (British Pound Sterling, £) , 2017 Fibreglass, polystyrene foam 71.12 x 25.4 x 35.56 cm Object size

Ed Fornieles
Dunop (British Pound Sterling, £), 2017
Fibreglass, polystyrene foam
71.12 x 25.4 x 35.56 cm Object size


Ed Fornieles’ Dunop (British Pound Sterling, £) rebrands the British pound as a cute and bulbous figure inspired by Japanese Kawaii culture. The figure’s emotions, which range from weeping to toasting champagne flutes, are synced (live?) with the successes and failures of the currency; Dunop has been sick and unhappy since Brexit. The personification of the currency encourages empathy and a nurturing relationship, adding a human incentive to help in stimulating its health. However, there is very little a viewer can do to help, since the character's health is based on an entire country’s GDP.

This work is part of a series called Finiliars. They are defined as “Digital entities feeding off data sets produced by companies, currencies, and other large institutions, using a cute facial interface to elicit a sense of emotional attachment within the viewer”. These characters occupy their own Tamagotchi-like universe, which is subject to the rules and shifts of big data and global capitalism. Its display is meant to be reminiscent of a start-up-like business environment, and its LED screen reminds one of Times Square's screens.   

Dale Lewis’ subjects are drawn from his personal experiences and memories of urban life. On display is Corn Dog, 2017, which Lewis painted while in residency with Times Square Space at 1500 Broadway during the summer of 2017. During his residency, he created works that were about his experience of being in New York City and Times Square. This work recounts a subway ride to Coney Island and the characters he encountered along the way. The shape and scale of the work simultaneously resembles that of a subway car, and of canonical historical paintings. The compositional and narrative elements of the work resemble that of renaissance and religious scenes, thus elevating his mundane subjects and themes. This exemplifies Lewis’ lively mastering of the medium; He leaves areas of the canvas unfinished, paint strokes appear quick and purposeful, and the work is an amalgam of textures. 

The Corian clad lobby of 1500 Broadway creates a contrast to its surrounding abundance of crowds, noise, and bustle, and makes the building standout from the neighborhood. The design by STUDIOS, who worked very closely with Tamares Group, was awarded the 2017 Merit Award for Interior Architecture by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Washington, DC. The building has hosted exhibitions from the Zabludowicz Collection, projects by PERFORMA, and international guest curators. These unique spaces are now under the direction of Tiffany Zabludowicz, and operate under the Time Square Space branding.


Dale Lewis (b.1980, London, UK) received an MFA from University of Brighton (UK) in 2006. He attended Turps Art School (UK) in 2015. He is a recipient of the 2016 Jerwood Painting Fellowship. His work has been the subject of solo presentations at Edel Assanti Gallery (London, UK) (2018), Anna Zorina Gallery (NY, NY) (2017), and Choi and Lager Gallery (Seoul, SK) (2016). His work is part of numerous private and public collections including the Saatchi Collection, Susan and Michael Hort Collection, and David Roberts Art Foundation.

Ed Fornieles (b.1983, Petersfield, UK) received an MFA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (UK) in 2011. His work has been the subject of solo presentations at Carlos/Ishikawa (London, UK) (2017), Arsenal (NY, NY) (2017), Arratia Beer (Berlin, Germany) (2016), Carl Kostyal (Stockholm, Sweden) (2015), Chisenhale Gallery (London, UK) (2014), the New Museum (NY, NY) (2013), and Serpentine Gallery (London, UK) (2012). His work has been presented in group exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France) (2016), Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt, Germany) (2016), Arsenal (Montreal, Canada), and Boetzelaer Nispen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) (2012). Recently his work was featured on billboards around New York City as part of Commercial Break and exhibition by the Public Art Fund.